Swap process now live!

You can now send in your Space Knight ($SPACEK) tokens for swap to Chron (XCR). Please be sure to check our telegram for the correct address to send your tokens to! This is extremely important to verify so that you do not lose your investment!!! Join our telegram here to verify the transfer address: https://t.me/chron_official NOTE: You will not receive your Chron ($XCR) tokens until after the pre-sale completes on 12/4/2021 to ensure everyone receives their token at the same time.

If you would like to migrate from Space Knight ($SPACEK) to Chron ($XCR) you will need to transfer your $SPACEK tokens to the Space Knight deployer address during the swap date range of 11/19 to 12/2, 2021. The deployer wallet will hold all of the swapped tokens until the swap cutoff date. On the cutoff date, the Developer team will sell off all $SPACEK tokens in order to drain BNB liquidity which will be added to the Chron ($XCR) liquidity pool along with pre-sale funds following IDO. The reason that this is necessary is that the $SPACEK liquidity is locked and therefore not directly transferable.

Swaps requested after the cut-off date of 12/2, 2021 will be considered late and require manual confirmation to ensure tokens were purchased prior to the Space Knight liquidity drain (cut off date). Late swaps will NOT receive any migration bonus and may take 24 to 48 hours to process due to the manual confirmation

Once the cutoff date has passed, the Dev team will sell off all $SPACEK tokens from the deployer wallet in order to drain as much liquidity as possible. Drained funds will be added to the Chron $XCR liquidity pool post IDO. $SPACEK liquidity is locked indefinitely, so this is the reason we are using a manual swap process to move liquidity over to Chron $XCR.

For additional details on the full migration process, please join our Telegram channel and read through the Chron Migration Guide. If you can’t find the guide, just ask in chat and we’ll make sure to direct you.

See you soon!



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