Presale Listing Live

Team Chron has decided to APE all in with ApeSwap IAO! (Initial Ape Offering). See it here:

We have been talking with ApeSwap for over a month now and had originally planned on listing with them but ended up opting to try Pinksale first given that “Self Service” IAOs were not yet available. In order to meet our advertised launch date, we rolled the dice with Pinksale which ended poorly due to major BSC network issues. It was almost as if FATE had stepped in to say “hey buddies, you really need to launch on ApeSwap”, so we are listening to FATE and launching Chron on this amazing platform.

If you are not familiar with ApeSwap, I highly suggest taking a look! ApeSwap has really made waves in the crypto space. They have an excellent well polished platform for trading, staking, farming and much more. NFAs (Non-fungible Apes) have recently hit the scene and people have been going bananas for them! The great thing about ApeSwap as a developer is that they have a really great support team, are extremely helpful and are truly wanting to list only the best legitimate projects for their investors. We applaud the ApeSwap team, fully support their vision and hope that we can make the Chron presale and launch a great success.

Lastly, if we are able to generate enough liquidity through presale, we fully plan on submitting an application for partnership with ApeSwap so that we can continue to work together in the future. This would also allow us to create staking initiatives through ApeSwap as an added benefit for investors. We are excited, hopeful and looking forward to entering the jungle 12/21–12/23!!!



Crypto token project found on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC)

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